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  • Amateurism heralds the resurrection of Australian rugby

    Weekend wrap-up

    A sport’s most fervent supporters generally relate to and take joy from a component of their sport not often considered or thought about, perhaps not even known about, by a regular fan who merely engages with the mainstream, media-driven facets of the game.

  • Duke’s road to Glasgow


    Often in sport when you work hard at something you become good at it; and when you become good at it and you continue to work hard you are often rewarded for your efforts. Testament to this is the success of Canberra-born athlete Duke Didier and his journey to the upper reaches of the sport of judo.

  • Liverpool gives fans reason to believe


    On almost all accounts, Liverpool’s 2013-14 Barclays Premier League campaign was a success. Their objectives were met and surpassed, status as the league’s second-best team was achieved and records – a slew of them – were broken. The Anfield faithful sung jubilantly along the way, spurring their team on to the kind of heights Liverpool used to hit with ease, yet ones they had fallen well short of in recent seasons.

  • Royals’ time is now


    Occasionally in rugby there are seasons that announce the arrival of a genuine contender capable of changing the guard in a particular competition, and often the club in point has used its time out of the limelight to prepare for the period it is about to spend in it.

  • Lindsey’s words the wake up call FFA needs


    The A-League, you would have recently read, is on a slippery slope. The lack of quality and talent in Australia’s highest tier of football is harming the league and it is declining rapidly as a result. With that supposedly the case, it almost seems ironic that the W-League, the highest level of competition available to females in Australia, is thriving – or so Lori Lindsey, the Canberra United American import, seems to believe.

  • Caroline Buchanan: breaking the mould


    Hurtling through whoops, airing over tabletops and flying around berms at speeds of up to 60km/h with only one thing on your mind: staying upright and reaching the finish line before the seven other riders around you, all of whom are focusing on doing just that. It’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s not everyone’s idea of fun – and certainly not something females have traditionally flocked to participate in.

  • The Juan that got away


    Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, is by no means an unintelligent individual. Such individuals don’t exist within the elite managerial realm of football, a circle in which Mourinho has a formidable presence. The Portuguese, since entering top-tier management in 2000, has won 20 trophies with six clubs. Very few of his counterparts are as accomplished on the touchline as he is.

  • Sally Shipard: life away from the bright lights


    Sally Shipard is sipping a decaffeinated flat white coffee in Lonsdale Street Roasters, one of many so-called “hipster” hangouts along Braddon’s bustling Lonsdale Street. It’s a Friday morning in the summer of 2013 and Shipard fits the scene perfectly: she’s dressed in overalls and is wearing a haircut most would consider to be totally individualistic. She has been undergoing rehab for some time on her right knee and enjoying time away from the football pitch.

  • Talented individuals have immeasurable impacts


    January comes and January goes. So, too, do the players of Europe’s elite football clubs. It’s transfer time, and for the 31 days of the first month of the year, players and clubs are thrown into disarray, their guild tested. Some players are shown the door, while clubs desperately cling to others.


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